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Personal Coaching

is a holistic service that can help any individual to develop a balanced and successful life. Your personal coach will help you identify goals, discover abilities, and maximize your potential. Your personal coach will use a process of inquiry and suggestion to build motivation and the skill necessary for taking appropriate action toward achieving your desires. This support allows the development of a happier, more fulfilled life experience.

Executive Coaching

is an action-oriented service that helps an individual assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and learn skills for achieving business success. Coaching can help you transform a job into a career, secure a promotion, or move from a management position into top leadership. The service is also available to corporations who are forward looking and interested in providing mentorship for their employees.


Professional Coaching

is a supportive service that assists professionals in advancing their practices or entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses. Professional coaching will help you utilize your creativity, turn obstacles into opportunities, and develop your vision into a satisfying and prosperous reality. Small business owners, new professionals, or professionals in transition will be assisted in achieving their goals within the context of maintaining a complete and balanced lifestyle.

Who should use personal, executive, or professional coaching?

Coaching is beneficial for individuals who:

* have lost focus or are in a slump.

* are uncertain about their values or the meaningfulness of their vocations.

* are having trouble achieving or defining their goals.

* are workaholics and can’t find balance in their lives.

* lack self confidence or decision-making ability.

Coaching is beneficial for executives who:

* have trouble with organization or time management.

* are frustrated by being passed over for promotion.

* are insecure in a new job, role, or position.

* are in the job market or whose job is at risk.

* have trouble relating to coworkers, clients, or customers.

* have trouble reaching quotas or deadlines.

Coaching is beneficial to professionals or business owners who:

* have businesses that aren’t growing or are losing money.

* are starting up or expanding a new or different business.

* are experiencing burnout on the job or in their practice.

* want to work for themselves rather than others.
   * are working harder and harder but not getting ahead.

* make plenty of money but still aren’t happy or satisfied.

* have lost their successful image or edge.


Your coach is there to help you get started in a new direction. Your coach will provide information, structure and discipline, and then monitor and support your progress. He or she will help you assess your needs, make a plan, take risks and develop your strengths. This will enable you to give up hiding weaknesses or defending inefficiencies which many people do, especially if they are criticized or are in a slump. New activity will get you on the track of self improvement. and success. The coach is an objective third party who can evaluate your situation or image from a distance and give you the benefit of years of experience. The coach’s goal is to help you transform your passion into reality and your ideas into results.

Why does coaching work?

* Coaching is individualized and allows a personal plan for success.

* Coaching is action and achievement oriented.

* Coaching is confidential and private.

* Coaching is developmental and growth oriented.

* Coaching is supportive, positive, and relational.

* Coaching provides honest, non-judgmental feedback.

* Coaching is readily available through meetings and telephone sessions.

* Coaching provides organization, structure, guidance, and focus.

* Coaching instills motivation and sustains momentum.

* Coaching is proactive and leadership oriented.


Whether your focus is on balancing your life or keeping up with the demands of the business world, coaching facilitates the process. Your coach will take a comprehensive or holistic approach at the beginning in most cases. As your self or business plan becomes more clear, your coach will home in on specific goals according to the strategy the two of you have decided or in response to your ongoing situation.

What are the benefits of coaching?

* broadens the scope of available information, ideas, and solutions

* works with people of all ages at any stage of career development

* results in new ideas and fresh, inspirational plans

* provides suggestions for marketing and problem-solving

* increases awareness of resources and when to use them

* increases confidence and self awareness

   * provides you with support and encouragement

* cost effective and convenient

Coaching is a process in which you and your coach will develop a bond that promotes competence and growth. The primary purpose is to help you discover how to take full advantage of your talents and get the most out of your life and vocation. Coaching will capitalize on your many options both in the coaching process and in your life plan. Coaching can help you achieve new energy and motivation that comes from a positive perspective. It can help you climb the ladder of success or establish a healthy relationship between your worklife and your broader life experience.

What you can achieve from coaching:

* become more aware of your values, mission, or sense of purpose

* identify, clarify, and prioritize your business, personal, or professional goals

* become more organized and focused or develop more effective time management skills

* identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a self improvement or training plan

* achieve greater control over your growth and future and learn how to fully enjoy your successes

* improve your concentration, confidence, decision-making ability, drive, and follow-through

* improve your interpersonal skills and leadership effectiveness to help you socially or on the job

* develop your creativity and business savvy to make things happen and discover new business opportunities

* enhance your image and increase the respect of your peers or customers

* reach new levels of satisfaction and success



Your coaching experience is as easy to start as a telephone call or e-mail. A call or message to our secretary will ensure a return call for a free telephone consultation. During your free consultation your coach will set up a time for your initial assessment. For just $150.00 you will receive a complete personal and professional assessment to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

As you begin to establish your customized plan for success, your coach will set up a schedule for regular office sessions or consultations. Fifty-five minute consultations or office sessions are $110.00, twenty-five to thirty minute telephone consultations cost $75.00, and fifteen minute telephone calls or e-mail responses are $50.00.
Telephone consultations and e-mail responses are also available on an as needed basis. Requests for unscheduled telephone calls or e-mail responses will usually be honored by the next working day. Of course, e-mail or telephone messages letting us know about your progress are always welcome and encouraged.
Often it is helpful for your coach to observe or meet with you at your place of business. This allows more objective feedback as well as ideas for enhancing your image, presentation, or working environment. Executive coaching generally includes evaluation and consultation at your worksite. Site visits or out-of-office meetings within Central Ohio cost $150.00 per hour plus mileage while site visits or out-of-office meetings outside of Central Ohio are $200.00 per hour plus travel expenses.
Telephone consultations and e-mail responses are conveniently paid via credit card prior to service. Office sessions or out-of-office meetings up to two hours in length may be paid by cash, check, or credit card.
Extremely busy individuals who want to ensure regular contact, frequently choose to arrange regular standing appointments. Monthly fees for weekly or other standing telephone consultations and e-mailings can be negotiated.

We hope to hear from you soon to begin customizing

your personal plan for success!

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