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Anger Management

Emotions are healthy and often occur in response to a life event or stressor. They do not discriminate and effect everyone. You can't see them but they influence and effect everything we do. Anger is one of these naturally occuring emotions. Anger is a natural way to adapt to threats and defend ourselves when needed. But when anger gets out of control it can damage relationships and cause problems in our lives.

Anger can mask our true feelings. It does this when we feel threatened internally. We may feel hurt, disrespected or afraid, and instead of expressing the truth of how we feel in an appropriate way, we may stuff it and express anger to keep people from knowing what we really feel. When we stuff our feelings for too long they can build up until we explode (like a shook up pop can).

Having positive outlets can help reduce built up anger. Also possitively asserting yourself can reduce anger by expressing your feelings honestly and communicating to others what needs are not being met.

Often we may not feel comfortable telling someone how we feel. Because of this we may use anger to avoid speaking what truely bothers us inside. We may feel anger is more acceptable than the "touchy feely" talk. Pride can also interfere with our ability to adapt to changing situations.

Knowing what your underlying motivations and emotions are can greatly influence how you handle and resolve ever changing stress and circumstances in life. Simply changing your communication style or approach to a problem can go miles in decreasing internal tension and anger outbursts.

Here are a few techniques we can explore through counseling to help you manage anger:

  • Relaxation exercises and visualization skills.
  • Cognitive restructuring skills of refraiming, thinking errors, self talk and thought stopping.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Goal setting and prioritizing as it influences anger management.
  • Communication skills and honest expression of needs.
  • Understanding your value system and its influence on anger management.
  • Understanding your underlying motivations, personality and emotional make-up in anger management.
  • Distraction techniques and tools to "get out of your head" to avoid negative situations.
  • Rules for "fair fighting" and how power and control issues influence anger management.
  • And much more..........

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