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Alcohol Counseling & Drug Counseling

Ohio Alcohol Counseling Drug Counseling
Quality treatment must encourage growth and honor uniqueness within each individual it encounters. 
It must help create a life outside of the problem that empowers and enables people to NOT keep coming back. 
Ohio Alcohol Counseling & Drug Counseling

If you are currently drinking or using drugs, have tried to quit alcohol or drugs or just can't find that peace and happiness through absitance you thought you would have, give us a call. We are here to help.  Drug and alcohol counseling is a way to assist you in finding your way back to the life you desire.  We will always remember and understand that everyone is unique and has different passions and goals in their treatment or recovery journey from alcohol or drugs.

We will strive to promote a holistic and personal counseling experience that will enable you to explore who you are, what you want and how to live free from the constraints that an alcohol or drug addiction brings to you or someone you care about.  Know that you are not alone and there are others who struggled through drug or alcohol addiction and found a way to live again. There is hope!   

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Alcohol Counseling & Drug Counseling Newark, Ohio

Is the pain of my addiction greater than the fear of facing life without it?

When you decide to quit drinking or using drugs and enter recovery, you may feel defenseless and empty inside. You may not know who you are or what you want. You will be looking for any shred of meaning or cure to lesson the loneliness and despair inside. Be careful what you grab as it has to be yours and relevant to your life. The uncertainty that changing will positively impact your life can increase fear and keep you ambivalent, sabotaging any positive change you hope for. In the end, remember, you have to believe your life will be improved when you quit drinking or drugging or no lasting change will occur. Resistance to recovery or treatment does not come from a disease or lack of desire to be sober but often from being conflicted about the perceived benefits that giving up alcohol or drugs will have on your life.

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Alcohol Counseling & Drug Counseling Newark, Ohio

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If you need further drug help or alcohol help or if someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drugs,  give us a call or email me.  No matter how many times you have tried recovery, alcohol treatment or drug treatment, there is hope and help available.
Newark, Ohio Alcohol & Drug Counseling


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 Alcohol Counseling and Drug Counseling

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